We Plant Trees.

The idea of Mishri Baba Foundation started as a small group of teenagers and young people playing cricket in a village named Kabron Ka Bas in rural Rajasthan, India. We realized that this village, as well as other villages around, was losing its greenery. The only trees left were old and dying. We knew that the problems were many, but we weren’t ready to give up. The first year was challenging, but we gradually learned from our experience. We tried to find out what works here and more importantly, what doesn’t!

When we started three years ago, people used to make fun of us, and they had reasons. First, trees don’t grow easily here, and second, despite most of us being farmer kids, we didn’t have much experience growing trees, especially at this scale. But now, we have hundreds of trees of different types and ages growing in our village. It is just the beginning; we plan to plant trees all across Rajasthan, creating tiny forests which will make this part of the planet greener and greener.

Members of our organization estimating the length of around one old shisham (Indian rosewood) tree.
Top view of a grass plant growing naturally in our little forest.
A photo taken during a tree plantation drive in early 2021. All other photos on this page are from the exact location six months later.

A few more words about us

Some of us are students and some work in different fields in different parts of the planet. And what connects us is the remote village of Rajasthan, where we have spent our childhood and our shared dream. A dream of it covered with different types of trees, in which colorful birds have a habitat, and there are small pools of water below where they can drink water, bathe, sing and have fun.

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